Semi Trailer Repair & Maintenance Services

Trust ADICA Fleet Services to handle all your semi trailer repairs and maintenance. We know your fleet is only as good as your trailers. You can’t move freight without them, and our team of mechanics and best-in-class facility will have you back on schedule in a flash.

Semi Trailer Repair Services

  • Roof and Dolly Leg Semi Trailer Repairs: Our body repairs cover the ins and outs of your fleet, including the roof and hydraulic dolly legs. ADICA Fleet Services will ensure smooth dolly leg repairs. You won’t have to expend your energy cranking your loaded trailer’s landing gear.
  • Air Brake Adjustments & Trailer Service Repairs: Air brake systems are a cost-effective option to control large fleet vehicles safely. These brakes require regular adjustment, and ADICA can repair and replace airbrake systems, slack adjusters, brake shoes, and drums.
  • Semi Trailer Repair and Flooring Installation: Quality trailer flooring will protect your product during long trips. ADICA’s expert technicians can quickly repair cracks and chips in trailer flooring. And what we can’t fix, we will replace with top-rated products.
  • Trailer Service: Fleet Maintenance Programs: Investing in a fleet maintenance program will ensure the longevity of your vehicles’ exteriors, engines, and internal components. ADICA will monitor your fleet’s integrity and catch problems before they become costly repairs.
  • Post-Inspection Semi Trailer Repairs: ADICA offers post-inspection repairs to ensure nothing is ever left to chance. We conduct comprehensive repairs with an individualized approach for each customer. Our additional inspections guarantee we find any minute repairs that can affect your productivity.
  • Trailer Service: Wiring, Electrical & Light Installation: Our qualified team of technicians will cover all your fleet’s electrical needs. We specialize in wiring and electrical repairs, from electric motors to emergency power systems to headlight installation.
  • And more!

For more information on our semi trailer repair and maintenance, call us at 313.429.2102.

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