Forklift Repair and Maintenance

Your forklift is one of your most important, versatile pieces of equipment. At ADICA Fleet Services, we perform a full list of services to equipment like forklifts, motorized pallet jacks, motorized tuggers, scissor lifts, scrubbers, sweepers, and more. Our preventative maintenance, refurbishment and repair services minimize your downtime, getting you back to work quickly.

Our material handling equipment repair and maintenance services include:

  • Engine repairs on gas, diesel, electric, and LP models – Don’t wait to complete engine repairs. Bring your forklifts to ADICA for repairs on power systems, hydraulics, and fuel and emission systems on any fuel model.
  • Preventative maintenance – Take the time to schedule regular maintenance on your forklifts, and you can save yourself the pain of costly repairs down the road. Our expert technicians are trained to spot the warning signs of potential equipment malfunctions before they become a problem.
  • Oil and filters – Just as with any vehicle or truck, your forklifts need regular oil and filter changes to keep them functioning at their best. ADICA sells replacement parts to improve your productivity and control maintenance costs.
  • Blowouts on engines and radiators – A radiator malfunction can mean costly downtime if it’s not dealt with properly. Bring all your engine and radiator problems to ADICA, and we’ll diagnose the issue before your forklift breaks down.
  • Tire assessments – You need the right tires to keep your forklifts running efficiently. We offer a variety of tires for different forklift models and can order what you need.
  • Electrical system and battery checks – We will evaluate the voltage of your battery and electrical systems at ADICA. We offer battery tests and electrical and wiring repairs that will keep your equipment running smoothly.
  • Chain wear assessments – Poorly maintained chain wear could result in equipment failure. Bring your forklift to ADICA for assessment if you don’t use a chain wear gauge on your lifting equipment.
  • Hydraulic lines, fittings repair – Your forklifts can’t perform their jobs without proper hydraulics, and that can slow down your productivity. ADICA offers custom hydraulic fittings and repairs to ensure proper pressure distribution.
  • Axle and transmission servicing – Our expert technicians can disassemble, inspect, repair, and replace all elements of your forklift’s axles and transmission to ensure smooth operation.
  • Mast and fork repairs – The quintessential elements of your forklift require proactive maintenance to function at their best. We can repair mast and fork damage or replace irreparable units.
  • Compression testing – We will ensure your forklift can bear its maximum load safely and efficiently. ADICA offers compression tests on gas, diesel, electric, and LP model forklifts.