Custom Truck Fabrication

Need custom fabrication work for your truck or trailer? The experts at ADICA Fleet Services can help. We work with you to determine what truck fabrications you need and ensure the work produced meets all related performance and certification requirements.

Our custom truck and trailer fabrication work includes:

  • Fabricating hoses and fittings (air and hydraulic) – ADICA offers an extensive catalog of fabricated hoses and fittings. We can also provide custom creations for adapters, fittings, and more to keep your hydraulic or air systems in top shape.
  • General welding services (steel and aluminum) – Our welding services include truck and trailer repairs on frame and suspension cracks, truck beds, aluminum flooring, and more.
  • Custom fabrication (steel and aluminum) – Our custom steel and aluminum fabrication allows us to create unique elements that suit your needs. We can create and process your orders that require cutting, burning, welding, and machining.
  • Welding work for trailers – Bring all your trailer repair needs to ADICA Fleet Services. Our trailer services provide a full range of welding and fabrication services on heavy equipment.
  • Custom accessory installation – Outfit your fleet with the best in custom-fabricated accessories like steel or aluminum parts and tools.

For more information on our custom trailer and truck fabrications, call us at 313.429.2102.

Custom Truck & Trailer Fabrications in Michigan | ADICA Fleet Services